American Public Media Group, American Public Media, and Minnesota Public Radio

American Public Media Group

APMG is a tax-exempt nonprofit support organization that provides administrative, financial, and human resources services to its supported organizations and divisions, American Public Media, Minnesota Public Radio, The Fitzgerald Theater Company and Southern California Public Radio. APMG operates Public Radio Market and the Pretty Good Goods Catalog under license from American Public Media.

The mission of American Public Media Group is to provide significant long-term financial strength to its supported organizations.

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APMG Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure Policy

American Public Media®

American Public Media, a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is the name of the national program production and distribution activities that are carried on within American Public Media Group. American Public Media is the nation’s second-largest producer of public radio programs, reaching 20 million listeners nationwide each week. National programs include Marketplace®, Marketplace Weekend™, The Splendid Table®, and special reports produced by its national investigative and documentary unit, APM Reports.

480 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Tel: 651-290-1500, Fax: 651-290-1243

Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio is a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that produces and acquires radio programming of community value, combines these programs into a nonprofit radio service of the highest quality for broadcast through a network of radio stations to the people of Minnesota and the upper Midwest, and reflects the culture, events, issues and ideas of the region’s people in radio broadcasts designed for national and international audiences.

MPR owns and operates the historic Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul.

MPR is a subsidiary of APMG, in that a majority of the Trustees on the Board of MPR are elected by or approved by the APMG Board, all of whom also serve on the MPR Board.

480 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Tel: 651.290.1500; Fax: 651.290.1243