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Sponsoring programming on Minnesota Public Radio is good business. Across MPR, sponsors reach diverse audiences throughout our media platforms including award-winning news, music, digital offerings and live events. MPR listeners are curious and engaged in their community and personal networks. They like to share useful and important information and recommendations with their friends and family.

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For more details on sponsorship opportunities in the Twin Cities metro area or greater Minnesota, contact us using this form.

Sponsorship Policy

Minnesota Public Radio accept sponsorship at its sole discretion, and reserves the right to refuse underwriting from any company for any reason. Minnesota Public Radio accepts sponsorship as an endorsement of the value of public radio and the special value of Minnesota Public Radio programming. Any implied endorsement flows from the underwriter to Minnesota Public Radio, not Minnesota Public Radio to the underwriter. The companies that provide financial support for MPR services do not have any control over, or involvement in, our programming or editorial processes. You can read more about our MPR News ethics guidelines here.