Minnesota Public Radio needs you

Your contribution of volunteer hours helps support the programming and events that you enjoy from MPR. By lending your time and energy, you help us engage with our community, further our programming mission, and extend our message to a wide and diverse audience. And you also get to experience cultural events and community conversations with other Minnesota Public Radio volunteers and staff.

Opportunities for volunteers include representing Minnesota Public Radio News, Classical Minnesota Public Radio and The Current at community events, lectures, performances and concerts. Activities take place throughout the region, at venues including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Orchestra Hall, First Avenue, The Guthrie Theater, the Cedar Cultural Center, and Northrop Auditorium. Volunteers also assist us at annual large-scale events like The State Fair, Rock the Cradle, Rock the Garden and provide occasional administrative and event assistance at our Downtown St. Paul broadcast and corporate headquarters.

Volunteer opportunities will be matched to your interest area, availability and skill sets. You may volunteer as many or as few times a year as you would like; we welcome and appreciate any hours you have to donate to our services.

Volunteers receive free access to the events, MPR-branded shirts for the occasion, and invitations to join us for special events and offers.

To get started, register using our shiftboard this will create your volunteer account. Your account will become active once you attend New Volunteer Orientation. Orientations are held quarterly and you will receive an email when the next one is coming up.

For more information or to get involved, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Melanie Ellsworth at 651-290-1500, or send questions to mellsworth@mpr.org.