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How MPR unveiled 'A Prairie Home Companion' in 1974

How MPR unveiled

While making their fundraising pitch to listeners in 1974, morning music program host Garrison Keillor and then-MPR president Bill Kling paused to tease the audience about a new weekly music and comedy program MPR was about to debut. click through to the feature to listen to the audio clip!

The Splendid Table: Grilling

The Splendid Table: Grilling

Need some recipes for the grill? The Splendid Table has you covered for grilling.

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    Dayton 'genuinely undecided' on GOP budget bills

    Gov. Mark Dayton speaks at a press conference.

    DFL Gov. Mark Dayton says he'll decide on Tuesday whether to sign the bills that spell out a new $46 billion state budget. A veto of just one budget bill would trigger another special session or partial shutdown.

    The Current

    Fathom Lane’s new album, “Asilomar,” takes on many meanings


    In the four years since Fathom Lane released its second album, a lot has changed. After releasing two albums in its first two years, members of the band took some time to focus on their own lives, and the group replaced its original guitarist and rhythm section with a new group of musicians. But even…

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    Dreams of the Fallen

    Memorial Day at Fort Snelling

    In the United States, Memorial Day is often thought of as the unofficial beginning of summer, but its significance to this country runs far deeper. This one-hour special seeks to recognize and memorialize through music and poetry those who have protected our country -- often at great sacrifice -- from before its founding to the present.