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The books behind the Oscar nominees

The books behind the Oscar nominees

It's Academy Awards season again, and with this year's nominations comes another set of books for your 2017 reading list: Four of this year's nine nominees for Best Picture take their inspiration from the bookshelf.

    What does Minnesota Public Radio mean to you?

    What does Minnesota Public Radio mean to you?

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    Perez beats Ellison in race to run Democratic Party

    Thomas Perez and Keith Ellison

    Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison fell short Saturday in his campaign to run the Democratic National Committee, losing to former Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

    The Current

    Remembering Mike Justen, Minnesota’s ‘godfather of sound’


    Mike Justen, whose advocacy and mentorship touched countless musicians and sound engineers across Minnesota, passed away last week. He was 78. Mike, who owned the West Saint Paul guitar shop Eclipse Music with his son John Justen, started out in the music business as the owner of the legendary Scholar Coffeehouse in the late ‘60s.…

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    Daily Download: Johannes Brahms - Serenade No. 2: V. Rondo

    Johannes Brahms - Serenade No. 2: V. Rondo

    Get a free MP3 of Johannes Brahms - Serenade No. 2: V. Rondo, performed by Belgian Radio and Television Philharmonic Orchestra.