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Talking Volumes

Talking Volumes

Single tickets to Talking Volumes with host Kerri Miller are on sale now. Choose your author event: Jonathan Franzen, Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, John Irving, Stacy Schiff, or Jane Smiley and get a seat while you can!

Upcoming Events

Talking Volumes: Jonathan Franzen and "Purity"

September 15, 7:00pm | St. Paul, MN | Tickets

Talking Volumes: Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink on "Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel"

October 25, 7:00pm | St. Paul, MN | Tickets

Talking Volumes: John Irving and "Avenue of Mysteries"

November 6, 7:00pm | Minneapolis, MN | Tickets

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As Target pharmacies shift to CVS, will consumers stick around?

Target is expected to complete the sale of its pharmacy business to CVS by year's end, although it's not clear how things will change for customers going forward.

The Current

Today’s Music News: Musicians around the world lash out at Minnesota dentist

<p>You don&#8217;t often find Cher, Ariana Grande, MC Hammer, Ricky Martin, and Stryker all expressing similar views, but one man has united them: Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, who&#8217;s sparked cries of outrage from musicians among many others for his killing of an African lion named Cecil. (Billboard) can&#039;t believe this man counted it as valor to lure #CecilTheLion out of his [&hellip;]</p>

Performance Today

On stage at Aspen: Joyce Yang and a standout student trio

Pianist Joyce Yang and student musicians Emma Gerstein, Sofia Nikas and Katherine Siochi joined Fred onstage for PT's live event at Harris Hall in Aspen, Colo. for an evening of musical performances and conversation.