The UBS Forum

The UBS Forum is a public space dedicated to exploration and dialogue concerning our society’s most pressing public policy and cultural issues. It is a center for communication of ideas, for gathering of knowledge, for debate among citizens, and for building momentum toward solutions.

Exploring issues and discussing solutions

Located on the top floor of Minnesota Public Radio’s St. Paul facility, The UBS Forum hosts community discussions, public debates and live program recordings. The studio serves as a catalyst for dialogue across cultures and constituencies. The result is a deeper understanding of critical issues and public media content that draws on the collective knowledge of communities.

Participants at The UBS Forum range from political leaders and topic experts to community members, MPR listeners and members of our Public Insight Network.

An interactive broadcast facility

At The UBS Forum, collective knowledge is not only developed, it is also disseminated. The UBS Forum is a state-of-the-art studio equipped to record and broadcast regionally across Minnesota Public Radio’s 38 stations, nationally through American Public Media, and globally through MPR and APM Web sites.

Programming in the UBS Forum is supported by UBS.