The Current Now Broadcasting at KZIO 104.3 in Duluth

Jun 12, 2017

Listeners of The Current in Duluth now have a new frequency to add to their station presets with the addition of KZIO 104.3 FM. Later this summer, The Current will also broadcast at 94.1 FM. Minnesota Public Radio purchased the stations from Red Rock Radio in May.

"We are excited to bring The Current to even more of our listeners in the area," Patty Mester, MPR's Duluth regional manager. "We're now in the midst of technical work that needs to be completed on the 94.1 tower, but we plan to also broadcast The Current at that frequency later this summer."

Since its launch in the Duluth market and hiring of Duluth Local Show host Mike Novitzki last year, The Current deepened its already strong relationship with the region's music scene and its listeners.

"Our listeners in the Twin Ports have always been some of our most ardent supporters," said Jim McGuinn, program director for The Current. "We are thrilled to be able to serve more audiences in the region and are looking forward to continuing to support the burgeoning Duluth music scene."

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