Station Alerts

To report an outage, please contact MPR Member & Audience Services at 1-800-228-7123 (Weekdays 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CT) or use our online contact form.

If you're experiencing a reduced or absent signal, know you can listen to MPR News, Classical MPR, and The Current online or via mobile app.

La Crescent

As tower owners conduct repairs,, KXLC 91.1 MPR News in the La Crescent listening area will experience outages. We will return to full power once the work is completed and the signal is restored. Listeners can stream MPR NewsClassical MPR, and The Current online or via mobile app. Thank you for your patience!

Note: For the safety of the work crews, we temporarily go off-air while they work. We always appreciate your patience while our crews address broadcast issues! Your favorite radio station broadcast returns as soon as the work is completed.