Permissions to Republish MPR and APM Content

The content that appears on the MPR|APM website is the property of MPR|APM and is protected by copyright. This includes text, audio, photos, graphics, trademarks, and logos (“content”). MPR|APM reserves the right to refuse to grant permission for reuse of its content.

Below you will find information on permissible uses of MPR|APM content.

Free Use

No formal permission required

Personal use

This means your own private use of the content. This means that you may not engage in any kind of further distribution, reprinting, reposting, or rebroadcast (over the airwaves or on the web), either commercial or noncommercial. A personal website does not count as personal use.

Linking to our site

You are welcome to place a link to any MPR|APM text page (but not to audio files) on your site, subject to certain guidelines.

School use (K-12, college/university)

Teachers may make up to 35 copies of text material for one-time classroom use. The MPR|APM copyright notice must be retained.

Academic use of online audio

It is always permissible to play audio files directly from the MPR|APM website in the classroom. See below for guidelines on the use of downloaded audio.

Academic citations

It is always permissible to quote or cite MPR|APM content as a reference in an academic paper, subject to the same guidelines as any other reference source. Such citations should be footnoted according to the style manual used in your academic institution.

RSS feeds

Please refer to our RSS page for details.

Prohibited use

MPR generally does not grant permission for these uses


Use of MPR|APM content by political organizations, including individual candidates, parties, PACs, or other entities of a mainly political nature, is not permitted.

Promotional use

MPR|APM content may not be used in advertising, promotional, marketing, or testimonial material for products or services.


MPR|APM logos and registered trademarks may not be reproduced, except in very limited circumstances (e.g. by broadcast partners).

Licensed material

MPR|APM cannot grant rights for content it has licensed from another source, such as Associated Press content, Getty photos, or historical recordings.

License Required for Use

Formal permission from MPR|APM is required

  • Reposting of MPR|APM text material on the web

  • Reprinting MPR|APM text material in a journal, newspaper, newsletter, or academic course pack

  • Reprinting text material in a book, or using audio material as a supplement to a book

  • Use of audio or other content in a film, live performance, artwork, presentation, or for broadcast
    * Please note that the use of certain types of material, e.g. concert recordings, may also entail music licensing fees and additional permissions from performers or other parties.

  • Use of audio in K-12 or college/university courses: Audio downloads of MPR|APM content may be kept for classroom use in one course. New permission must be obtained for any subsequent courses.

Permission Request Form

To request permission for this type of use, fill out the permission request form.


Licensing fees and/or royalties for use of MPR|APM content are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on a number of factors (such as the amount of material used, scope of distribution, and whether the requester is a commercial or noncommercial entity).

If you are interested in using MPR|APM content in a manner not covered above, or if you have questions about the process or problems with the request form, please contact the permissions coordinator at or 651.290.1199.