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“Appetites in Greater Minnesota” with Tom Crann

Join us as Appetites travels in Greater Minnesota to four locations across the state. All Things Considered host Tom Crann talks with four different local “foodies” to bring you hyper-local, regional food & drink news, trends, reviews, flavors, recipes and advice!

Thanks! Rochester, Minn.

Chef Sammi Loo's Ootori Sushi, Mezza 9 bring international flavors to Rochester

The Appetites tour wrapped up in Rochester. Tom Crann hosted with restaurateur Sammi Loo as guest to talk about her journey from sushi to pastries and all things food in Med City.

Thanks! St. Joseph, Minn.

Krewe, Flour & Flower Bakery bring fresh flavors to St. Joseph and central Minnesota

Appetites traveled to St. Joseph, Minn. and MPR News host Tom Crann spoke with local restaurateurs Mateo Mackbee and Erin Lucas of Krewe and Flour & Flower Bakery about how they're bringing fresh flavors to Central Minnesota and bringing people together.

Thanks! Bemidji, Minn.

Keng Dechawuth shares recipes, stories from his Puposky Pearl mushroom farm near Bemidji

Appetites visited Bemidji, Minn., and MPR News host Tom Crann talked with restaurateur Keng Dechawuth to discover how he “pays it forward” to his workers.

Thanks! Duluth

New Scenic Café's chef Scott Graden pushes Duluth's culinary boundaries

Appetites stopped in Duluth and MPR News host Tom Crann talked with New Scenic Café owner and chef Scott Graden about the iconic North Shore restaurant.

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