MPR Turned 50 on January 22, 2017

On January 22, 1967, Minnesota Public Radio went on air with a pre-recorded concert by the Cleveland Orchestra. For 50 years, you’ve been what makes MPR happen every day and we want to celebrate with you! Throughout 2017, we’ll host special events, engage in conversations and share memories across the state of Minnesota –on air, online and in person.
Since our beginning as a college radio station at St. John’s University, we have grown to a 45-station regional network of three distinct services – MPR News, Classical MPR and The Current – as well as a national producer and distributor of radio programs, podcasts and streaming services, serving one million Minnesotans and more than 20 million listeners a week nationwide.

“This 50th anniversary year is a unique opportunity for us to reflect and express our great gratitude to our listeners and the people of this state for what they have helped us build,” said Jon McTaggart, president and CEO of Minnesota Public Radio. “While a lot has changed over the past 50 years, our mission remains the same, and we will celebrate this monumental year honoring all the ways that we serve our audiences and strengthen our communities every day—enriching minds, expanding perspectives and nourishing spirits.”

MPR 50 Features

Take a video tour of the Kling Public Media Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

From MPR News: 'Faces of Minnesota' gives us a look at ourselves

A Note from Jon McTaggart

MPR Voices

Sparking discussion
I’m more aware and involved in the news than I have ever been. It's become a joke in our house about how many times a day I say, 'Guess what I heard on MPR today?'
-Kimberly Whalen

On the radar
We love to visit and tell others about events in the Twin Cities that wouldn't be on our radar if it weren't for MPR.
-Kyle Brager

A constant companion
MPR has and continues to be a companion for household tasks, a link to information about the world, and a constant alleviation for my insatiable curiosity.

Trusted reporting
MPR has become my go-to source for accurate and thorough reporting. I have only one preset on my home and car radios: MPR!
-Veronica Surges

A part of my life
We moved to Minnesota in 1968, so MPR has been an intimate part of my life for nearly 50 years.
-Patricia J Bell

Birthday bash
The Current's birthday party was on my birthday this year. It was the BEST concert I've been to in a decade. Big thanks to everyone that participated in making my birthday, and The Current's, the best one yet!
-Nate Smith

Even the dog listens!
Our whole family, dog included, enjoys your mellow classical music playing in our home.
-Rita Wenner

Learning from MPR
I notice that I constantly pepper my conversations with people by relating what I learned on MPR.
–Nancy Anderson

Proud sustainer
My sustaining membership is the least that I can do to keep this invaluable service going into the future.
-Matthew Davis

Memories past and making new memories
I have listened to MPR since I was quite young; from my first memories, to memories with my first love, to memories sharing the music with my son since he was a newborn.
-Hillery Frank

A touchstone
You are one of the warm, consistent touchstones for me on this life's journey. Happy Anniversary!
-Stephen Fiksdal

Statewide MPR Days

MPR Days around Minnesota for MPR50

Throughout the year, throughout Minnesota, MPR Days that featured live broadcasts and your favorite MPR personalities.

MPR Day at Saint John's University
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MPR Day in Mankato
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

MPR Day in Ely
Thursday, July 13, 2017

MPR Day in Moorhead
Thursday, September 28, 2017