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Regional Development Advisory Council

The public is invited to meetings about MPR stations WSCD, WSCN, WIRC, WIRR, WIRN, WGGL, WGRH, WINH, WMLS, and WLSN. These bi-annual meetings are currently scheduled to meet in March and September. For further information call 218-722-9411.
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Minnesota Public Radio
306 West Superior Street, Suite 500
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Maria Isley, Regional Manager: misley@mpr.org
Nick Lansing, Account Executive: nlansing@mpr.org
Dan Kraker, Correspondent: dkraker@mpr.org
Katie Johanson, Member and Audience Service Representative: kjohanson@mpr.org

If you have information or suggestions for news stories, contact Dan Kraker at 218-673-5007 or dkraker@mpr.org.

For information on how to get your business message on-air or on the MPR Web site, contact Nick Lansing at 218-673-5008 or nlansing@mpr.org.

For all other inquiries, contact Maria Isley at 218-673-5005 or misley@mpr.org.

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WGGL 91.1 FM MPR NEWS & YourClassical MPR

MPR News: WGGL / 91.1 FM
MPR News: WGGL* / 92.7 FM
YourClassical MPR: WGGL / 91.1 FM
YourClassical MPR: WGGL* / 92.7 FM

Established: Feb 1982
Station power: 100,000 watts

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