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Regional Development Advisory Council

The public is invited to meetings about MPR stations KSJR, KNSR, KRSU, KNCM, KRSW, KNSW, and KRSD. These bi-annual meetings are currently scheduled to meet in March and September. For further information call 507-292-8630.
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If you have information or suggestions for news stories, contact Kirsti Marohn at 320-207-5482 or

For information on how to get your business message on-air or on the MPR Web site, contact Gary Osberg at 320-207-5481 or

For all other inquiries, contact Kay Hocker at 507-292-8636 or

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Established: Aug 1988
Station power: 100,000 watts
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Translator Stations

KNSR 105.1 Brownton/Glencoe
KNSR 103.1 Olivia


Established: Jan 1967
Station power: 100,000 watts
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Translator Stations

KSJR 90.9 Alexandria
To our listeners in the Alexandria area listening to Classical MPR on 90.9, we are moving our equipment to a new tower. We will be off the air while this work takes place. In the meantime, please stream our services at
KSJR 103.9 Olivia