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Regional Development Advisory Council

The public is invited to meetings about MPR stations KBPR, KBPN, KCRB, KNBJ, KGRP and KITF. These biannual meetings are scheduled to meet in March and September. For further information call 218-829-1072.
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Minnesota Public Radio
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Kristi Booth, Regional Director:
Barb Treat, Senior Account Executive:
Natalie Grosfield, Lease Manager:
Matthew Holding Eagle III, Reporter

If you have information or suggestions for news stories, contact Matthew Holding Eagle III at 218-752-7003 or

For information on how to get your business message on KCRB or KNBJ or on the MPR website, contact Barb Treat at 218-752-7004 or

For all other inquiries, contact Kristi Booth at 218-752-7001 or

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Established: Jun 1994
Station power: 60,000 watts
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KCRB 88.5 FM YourClassical MPR

Established: Dec 1982
Station power: 95,000 watts
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KCRB 104.1 Grand Rapids