Parenting Through Race and Identity: A Somali American Mother's Story

May 31, 2023

Early Risers - Ayan Omar
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Ayan Omar, a guest on Early Risers Podcast

In this episode of Early Risers, we delve into the parenting journey of Ayan Omar, a Somali American mother living in St. Cloud, Minnesota with her husband and two young daughters. As an interracial and interfaith couple, Ayan and her husband have faced unique challenges in raising their children. In this conversation with host Dianne, Ayan shares her experiences navigating conversations about race and racism with her daughters, and how her own upbringing in a predominantly Black community has informed her parenting approach.

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Episode resources:

"Raising Multiracial Children" by Farzana Nayani: This book offers practical guidance and advice for parents raising children with multiple racial identities, including how to navigate conversations about race, cultural identity, and discrimination.

"Raising Race Conscious Children": This website offers resources and articles for parents who want to have conversations about race and racism with their children, including how to talk about privilege, intersectionality, and allyship.

"The Conscious Kid": This website provides resources and articles on how to raise racially conscious children and combat racism and bias, including book recommendations and tips for having conversations about race with kids.

"LET’S TALK! A Teaching Tolerance Guide": This PDF offers free resources and lesson plans for parents and educators to teach children about social justice, diversity, and anti-bias education.

"EmbraceRace": This organization offers resources and webinars on how to raise children who are resilient, empathetic, and racially conscious, including tips for talking about race, supporting children's racial identity, and combating racism.