Navigating Parenthood as Black Parents in a Growing Minnesota City

Apr 19, 2023

Early Risers - Kai and James Miller
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Early Risers with Kai and James Miller

In this episode of Early Risers, Dianne speaks with Kai and James Miller, a married couple raising their two daughters in Rochester, Minnesota. Kai and James share their experiences as Black parents in a growing city that's becoming more racially diverse.

Despite the demographic changes, the Millers have struggled with feeling isolated while working to ensure their daughters see positive representations of themselves in school and the community.

Even with these challenges, Kai and James are taking concrete steps to build their daughters' confidence and self-esteem. We can all learn from their insights on navigating parenthood and identity in a changing landscape.

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Episode resources: 

Raising Race Conscious Children - A website and book series dedicated to providing resources and tools for parents to have conversations with their children about race and racism. The website includes articles, book lists, and discussion guides.

The African American Parenting Group is an online community for African American parents to connect, share resources, and support each other.

"Parenting in the Age of Black Lives Matter" is a resource guide compiled by the organization EmbraceRace. It includes articles, videos, books, and podcasts for parents who want to engage in conversations about race and racism with their children.

"Talking to Children About Racial Bias" is a guide created by the American Psychological Association that offers tips for how parents can talk to their children about race and racism.

The National Black Child Development Institute is an organization that provides resources and advocacy for black children and families. Their website includes articles, resources, and events related to parenting and education.