White Parents Navigating Anti-Racist Parenting in Minneapolis

Mar 22, 2023

White Parents Navigating Anti-Racist Parenting in Minneapolis
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Ellen Guettler on Early Risers

In this episode of Early Risers, Dianne speaks with Ellen Guettler, a white parent raising her two boys in Minneapolis. Ellen shares her journey of practicing anti-racist parenting in community with other white parents. Growing up, Ellen attended integrated public schools in St. Paul during the 1990s.  She remembers feeling tensions around race and racism but never had the opportunity to talk about these issues with adults. Now, as a parent, Ellen is committed to navigating these conversations with her young children.  She shares some of the questions and discoveries she's encountered on this journey. We can all learn from Ellen's insights and experiences, as they offer valuable perspective on navigating anti-racist parenting as a white parent in a diverse community.

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Episode resources: 

Teaching Tolerance - A website with free resources for educators and parents to promote social justice and anti-bias education. It has a variety of articles, lesson plans, and activities that can help parents understand how to talk about race and racism with their children. 

Raising Race Conscious Children - A blog that provides resources, tips, and insights on how to talk about race with young children. It offers specific advice for parents of different races and backgrounds, including white parents. 

EmbraceRace - A nonprofit organization that aims to educate and support caregivers to raise children who are "thoughtful, informed, and brave about race." They offer webinars, resources, and a supportive community to help parents navigate conversations about race and racism with their children.

Anti-Racism Daily - A daily newsletter that provides insights and resources on how to fight racism and become a better ally. It offers practical advice for parents and caregivers on how to have conversations about race and raise anti-racist children.

Parent Toolkit - A website that offers resources for parents on a variety of topics, including race and diversity. It has articles, videos, and activities that can help parents navigate conversations about race and racism with their children. 

"Talking to Children about Racism, Police Brutality, and Protests" - An article from Ahaparenting.com that provides guidance for parents on how to talk to children about these complex issues. It offers age-appropriate strategies and tips for how to promote empathy and understanding. 

"Children Are Not Colorblind: How Young Children Learn Race" - A talk by Erin Winkler, a professor of Africology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In this talk, Winkler explains how children learn about race and offers insights on how parents can help them develop a positive racial identity.