Sanden Totten


    Gays and lesbians worry about discrimination in retirement

    This week, New Hampshire became the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. But many in the gay and lesbian community have another issue on their mind - what to do when they get old. Aging groups estimate that by 2030, the number of gays and lesbians aged 65 and up could reach 4.7 million in the U.S. For many of them, entering a retirement community or a nursing home can mean dealing with discrimination. But activists in the Twin Cites are hoping to change that.

    The musicians get the lyrics

    Our project looks at the creative process of writing music, through the eyes of three musicians and a lyricist. We asked Adam Levy of the Honeydogs to pick a familiar story and use that as a starting point for a set of lyrics. The story he chose is the "The Wizard of Oz." Next we asked three professional music acts to take Levy's lyrics and turn them into a complete song. The artists are the group Best Friends Forever, singer/songwriter Jeremy Messersmith and rapper P.O.S.

    Interpreters an important part of medical team

    Understanding medical jargon in hospitals and clinics can be hard enough, but for the roughly 22 million Americans who speak limited English, it can be down right impossible. That's where medical interpreters step in. Their job is to help doctors and patients communicate in one of the more than 300 languages spoken in the U.S. But for a field where there is so much on the line, there's no minimum language skill or medical training required. Some advocates are trying to change that.