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Op-ed Picks: Does Minneapolis-St. Paul have an identity crisis?

<p>&#8220;Twin Cities, we have a problem!&#8221; writes Jay Walljasper in the first of two MinnPost articles suggesting that the Minneapolis-St. Paul area has an identity crisis. Walljasper says that people do not think of Minneapolis-St. Paul as a fun, viable place to live, even though it tops some quality-of-life lists and is home to many Fortune <a class="more-link" href=""><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>

Listeners share photos of their animal companions

<p>The Daily Circuit talked yesterday about the bond between humans and animals. Listeners called in with their pet stories and tweeted photos of their furry companions. Kerri also talked about her lovely dog, Dara. Below are some photos listeners shared with us. Thank you. These look like mighty fine friends. @KerriMPR This is Otis; Mastiff/Great Dane <a class="more-link" href=""><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>

Op-ed pick: “My Daughter Went Away to Camp and Changed”

<p>&#8220;Some of my best encounters with our children are the ones they don&#8217;t know about,&#8221; writes Slate&#8217;s chief political correspondent John Dickerson on watching his children grow and change after going away to camp. Comparing his children&#8217;s experience to his own memories, Dickerson observes that he can take a look into their lives and behavior <a class="more-link" href=""><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>

Op-ed pick: “My Hometown: What Detroit’s Demise Says About America”

<p>Detroit native Ron Fournier reflects on his hometown’s bankruptcy in a piece for National Journal: “I love my hometown. And I hate what Detroit&#8217;s demise might bode for our country.” He goes on to cite inequality, poor leadership and inefficiencies as not just Detroit’s problems, but ones that belong to the country too: Wrenching economic <a class="more-link" href=""><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>

Book picks from our Friday Guests

<p>Roundtable guests come prepared to answer, &#8220;What are you reading or have recently read?&#8221; Star Tribune political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger: &#8220;I, Claudius,&#8221; by Robert Graves. Goff Howard vice president Mike Zipko: &#8220;The Fallen Angel,&#8221; by Daniel Silva. Political science Prof. Barbara Palmer: &#8220;The Bean Trees&#8221; and &#8220;Pigs in Heaven,&#8221; by Barbara Kingsolver, and &#8220;The President&#8217;s <a class="more-link" href=""><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>