Lindsay Kimball

Lindsay Kimball is program director for The Current. Lindsay started her career at The Current as an intern in 2005, eventually ascending to the assistant program director role, and then becoming the director of regional membership for Minnesota Public Radio. In her work at The Current, she was also a host, producer, and managed many “other duties as assigned.”

Career highlights include partnering with August Schell Brewing Company to release a co-branded beer, Schell’s The Current, producing both of Adele’s in-studio sessions at The Current, launching streams like Rock the Cradle, Radio Heartland, and Local Current, putting together the A to Z Prince playlist for fans to celebrate his life and music, and producing broadcasts from SXSW and Iceland Airwaves. Before joining The Current, she was host and music director for KWLC at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She graduated from Luther College with a B.A. in communications and psychology.