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MPR News and APM Awarded 2017 Gracie Awards

MPR News and APM Awarded 2017 Gracie Awards

Laura Yuen, of MPR News and Nora McInerny, host of APM Podcast Terrible Thanks for Asking, were named as honorees of the 2017 Gracie Awards, presented by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created by women, for women and about women in all facets of media and entertainment, as well as individuals who have made contributions to the industry.

McInerny was recognized with The Gracie Award for her work as host of Terrible Thanks for Asking, the podcast that makes it OK to talk honestly about feelings – difficult, funny, sad feelings. McInerny and her guests tackle the toughest subjects – including infertility, post-partum depression, young widowhood and rape – with tenderness, grace and some humor mixed in.

Yuen is a correspondent and editor for MPR News. Her story “Homeless and Alone, She Struggles Toward Graduation,” earned The Gracie Award in the category of Local, Non-commercial, Radio News Feature. Her story introduced listeners to Diamond Syas, a 17-year old high school student who was homeless. Yuen’s gift for storytelling impacted many MPR listeners, who contacted the station asking how they could help Diamond.

Devoted to Community, Science, and the Arts

Devoted to Community, Science, and the Arts

More than four decades ago Dr. Yvonne Condell and her husband James became supporters of MPR. Over the years they helped the classical and news service grow to become an integral part of the community. Read her story and share your own!

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