Minnesotans for MPR

Minnesotans for MPR is a group of MPR members and listeners interested in the local, state, and federal policies and legislation that affect MPR's programming and services.

About Minnesotans for MPR

Formerly known as MPR Advocates Network, Minnesotans for MPR is a group of members and listeners who are interested in local, state, and federal policies and legislation that affect MPR's programming and services. Having this network of engaged listeners involved in the political discourse is invaluable; it ensures that policymakers and community leaders know that their constituents value the public service MPR provides. Efforts of Minnesotans for MPR have led to countless successes in local communities, at the Minnesota Legislature, and with members of Congress.

Advocate for MPR

As an advocate for MPR, when your action is needed, you will receive an email from Minnesotans for MPR. In this email, MPR's Community and Government Relations Department will provide you with contact information, background information and simple instructions that you need to advocate effectively. Email requests will typically ask you to contact your appointed or elected representatives by writing an email, making a phone call, or sending a letter. By responding to our requests, you will be acting on behalf of your community, expressing support or showing concern to further inform your appointed or elected representatives.

Stay Informed

As part of our network of advocates, we will keep you informed of news and events that may impact MPR's programming and services. For these updates, follow us on our Facebook Fan Page. We also hope that you will call or email us with your ideas, feedback, and suggestions.

Contact Us

Minnesotans for MPR is an initiative of MPR's Public Affairs & Government Relations Department. Contact Public Affairs & Government Relations Manager Stephen Schreiber with questions, suggestions, or updates on issues and events relative to your community.