Bill Morelock

Bill Morelock fell into radio as a refugee from graduate school. This was in Pullman, Washington, where Murrow learned how to speak like Murrow. A permanent inferiority complex developed. In 1988, he conspired with Bob Christiansen to create the daily classical music show, Bob & Bill. It was distributed nationally by NPR from 1991-1996. In Minnesota, Morelock has worked at WCAL in Northfield, and at Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul. He writes an occasional piece of prose, occasionally funny, but not often enough to really annoy anyone.

Stories by Bill Morelock

Gallic Ghost Story

The popular notion is that any self-respecting ghost story must pack a nightmarish punch. But this, I believe, is to limit arbitrarily the emotional range of ghostly interventions. Witness the experience of one particular woman whose encounter took place in bright daylight, and whose emotions run from benign amusement, to aesthetic (and nearly sensual) delight and inspiration--with not a shock or a fright in between. The hope is that it pleases by what it offers more than it disappoints by what it lacks.