Jim Bickal

Jim Bickal is the senior producer for the regional broadcast of Morning Edition.

Stories by Jim Bickal

Twins fans can expect to see more key replays on Target Field scoreboard

The Minnesota Twins play the White Sox in Chicago again today, hoping to win their first game of the year after losing the first two. The home opener is Monday at Target Field. The experts are predicting that the Twins will be one of the worst teams in the major leagues again this year, but Morning Edition producer Jim Bickal reports that there is something new to look forward to at the ballpark. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with him about it. It involves what you will see on the scoreboard.

A little-known song about Minneapolis

Today is the 78th birthday of singer Jill Corey. Corey was well-known for singing American pop standards during the 1950s. She sang with the Percy Faith Orchestra and was a regular on one of Johnny Carson's first television shows. In 1953, she was featured on the cover of Life magazine and released her first single, "Minneapolis." It was written by Bob Hilliard and Minneapolis-native Sid Lippman. Jill Corey quit show business in 1961 after marrying Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Don Hoak in 1961. She re-started her career after Hoak died of a heart attack in 1969.