What Does CPB Funding Mean for Minnesotans?

On Thursday, March 16, President Trump officially released his 2018 Budget Blueprint. In it, the President proposes the elimination of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”), the private agency that distributes federal funds to more than one thousand local public radio and television stations around the country. This is a serious threat, and we are working with members of the U.S. House and Senate asking that they continue to support public broadcasting in their respective budget proposals. We are watching this closely and will keep you informed as we have new information to share.

Support from MPR Members is our most important source of revenue. Thank you! But Membership support, alone, cannot ensure the future health of our public service. MPR relies on several funding sources – including federal funding from the CPB – to fuel the distinctive programming and free services that you and more than 1 million Minnesotans have come to expect from us.

Here are just a few of things we do when we combine your Membership gifts with CPB funding:

Fact-based, fair and independent journalism. We believe that free access to trusted information is essential for healthy communities and a functioning democracy.

Unique cultural experiences and classical music programming. We believe every citizen should be inspired and have free access to great art, including broadcasts of world-class performances from across the state and around the globe.

Vital communications infrastructure during times of emergencies. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast and wildfires swept across California—power grids were down and cellular networks were overwhelmed—free public radio was a lifeline for people whose lives and property were threatened.

The statewide backbone for the Emergency Alert System (EAS), for AMBER Alerts, and for critical daily services for the visually impaired. MPR uses federal funding from CPB to help make all of these available to everyone in Minnesota.

Many of you have contacted us to ask what you can do to support MPR. We are truly grateful for your concern and commitment to MPR. Here are a few things you can do, today:

Make a personal gift and urge others to support MPR and other local public radio and TV stations—your Membership support is so important.
Volunteer and give your time to MPR and to other public media organizations.
Post, Tweet, Snap and share your affection for MPR and for things you hear on public radio – a story or a piece of music; tell your friends how MPR has impacted you or your community.
Click here to sign Protect My Public Media’s petition to show your support of public media.
Call or write your elected officials and tell them how much you value MPR.

Thank you—again and again—for your faithful and generous support of Minnesota Public Radio in every way. Your participation and care are more important than ever.

Jon McTaggart
President & CEO
Minnesota Public Radio