Minnesotans for MPR - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect by joining the MPR Advocates Network?

  • Emails requesting action. When we need your action, you will receive an “Advocate for MPR” email. These emails will provide you with pertinent contact information for your elected representatives. We will be asking you to simply send an email, make a call, or write a letter to those representatives.

  • Updates on Facebook and the Minnesotans for MPR website. To stay up to date, follow us online. After MPR requests action from Advocates, the Community and Government Relations Department will keep you posted on breaking news and updates as they relate to advocacy issues.

  • Events in Greater Minnesota. Every fall, the Community and Government Relations Department will host events connecting with Advocates in Greater Minnesota to celebrate our efforts during the legislative session and to connect in Greater Minnesota communities.

  • Two-way communication. We hope to hear from you, too. We appreciate your ideas, questions, concerns, etc. If you contact us, you will hear back from the Community and Government Relations Department directly and promptly.

  • Separate from MPR Reporting. Your advocacy efforts are entirely separate from MPR’s news and reporting. Your contact information will be used only for purposes of Minnesotans for MPR; it will not be shared with others.

How will Minnesota Public Radio benefit from my participation as an Advocate?

It is the essence of democracy: when constituents act, their elected officials take notice. When the Minnesotans for MPR advocate on behalf of MPR, the elected officials — local, state and federal — are reminded that constituents care deeply about Minnesota Public Radio’s programming and services.

How will Minnesota benefit from the Advocates’ participation?

A key part of MPR’s mission is to help our audiences stay informed, thereby strengthening their communities. When enthusiastic Advocates engage in policy discussions, you help us achieve that goal. When MPR supporters’ voices are a part of the political conversation at a local, state, and federal level, we believe — and we have seen — that Minnesota’s communities are better for it.

How do I share feedback with you?

Contact Public Affairs & Government Relations Manager Stephen Schreiber. We will also send Advocates a yearly survey asking for your feedback and experiences as part of Minnesotans for MPR.