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MacPhail Spotlight Series: Locally Sourced

Sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio




Antonello Hall - MacPhail Center for Music
501 South 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 321-0100


$15 - $25

The great state of Minnesota boasts a vibrant arts scene, and MacPhail is proud to present some of the finest, including our very own faculty. Acclaimed pianist and composer Gregory Theisen wrote a pair of piano duos based on two international cities. J.D. and Fred Steele, members of the celebrated Steele family, have been an integral part of the Twin Cities music scene for decades. Guest Libby Larsen is an internationally renowned composer who set to music her favorite local poets.

J.D. and Fred will perform some of their own creations alongside a few covers by Minnesota legend, Prince! Stories, photos, and videos showcasing our artists and their Minnesota stories will accompany the music throughout the program.

Pre-concert lecture at 6:30 p.m.