Amy Cole, keynote speaker for Rochester Earthfest Expo

Sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio




Rochester Community and Technical College Field House
UCR Parkway SE
Rochester , MN 55904


This is a free event

Water. Simple. Almost free. Comes out of the tap when we turn it on. We think we know it, but really – it’s hard to fathom all the ways in which it touches every aspect of our lives. Join Amy Skoczlas Cole, who leads MPR’s new initiative focused on water, The Water Main. Amy will share perspective on why MPR is choosing to focus on water, how they are tackling this complex topic, and what they’ve learned in their first year about Minnesotans and water from their research and reporting. Plus, she’ll share her tips for engaging a broad base of people on environmental issues, gleaned from over twenty years of experience in leadership roles in organizations around the world including Conservation International, Pentair, and eBay.