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Locally Laid fowl ready for national spotlight

<p>Some Minnesota chickens are one step away from getting their own Super Bowl ad. The 2,500 or so hens, all named Lola, live and lay at the Locally Laid Egg Company in Wrenshall, Minn. Their owners, Jason and Lucie Amundsen, uploaded a video about their pasture-raised workforce to the &#8220;Small Business/Big Game&#8221; contest. So did <a class="more-link" href=""><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>

Sheep running amok all part of the hijinks at Irish Fair

At the Irish Fair of Minnesota in St. Paul on Saturday afternoon, six sheep escaped during a herding demonstration, bolting the ring, pushing through the crowd and running around Harriet Island. A sheepdog dutifully followed and tried to restore order. After a brief chase, the dog -- with occasional assistance from surprised fairgoers -- returned the sheep to the demonstration area. The Irish Fair, the nation's largest free celebration of Irish culture, began Friday and ends at 7 p.m. Sunday, according to the event's website.

Minnesotans note a new neighbor: the Virginia opossum

Minnesota Public Radio's <a href=>Public Insight Network</a> is asking Minnesotans to tell us what changes they're seeing in the natural world around them. We will be exploring the facts around these changes and what they mean for our region in an ongoing series of stories. <a href=> Contribute your observations here</a>.