Bob Collins

Bob Collins writes the News Cut blog for MPR News. He joined MPR in 1992. He served as broadcast editor and coordinated MPR's political coverage until 1999, when he was asked to direct MPR's foray into online journalism. He previously was vice president of programming for Berkshire Broadcasting Company in Massachusetts, and national desk editor at the RKO Radio Network in New York. He also was editor at WHDH in Boston, where he received the Edward R. Murrow Award for his investigation into the Boston mob scene. Bob is a private pilot and is building his own airplane.


Let’s keep an eye out for the 2018 Person of the Year

We're entering the slow news season and as I patrol the internet looking for items of interest, I'm noticing various stories in many states declaring someone a person of the year. I've thought about opening up a competition for such a thing for NewsCut readers but then decided not to bother because we're too conditioned to think about politicians and people in the news on an ongoing basis and, well, they bore me after a year of coverage.