Bill Catlin

Bill Catlin is an editor responsible for directing MPR News' business and economics coverage.

Stories by Bill Catlin

Audit confirms Xcel falsified records

An audit of Xcel Energy says a small number of employees recorded inaccurate information that resulted in unreliable reporting of power outages. State regulators commissioned the audit last fall. The decision to examine Xcel's records followed accusations that the company falsified the length of power outages so it would to meet state-ordered reliability standards. Xcel says it has found instances where company documentation procedures were not followed consistently.

The Enthusiasts: The guardian of the Air Guard Museum

Officials at a small Twin Cities museum hope to reopen in August, after the events of Sept. 11, 2001 forced them to close temporarily. The Minnesota Air Guard Museum had to return its hangars and exhibition space to the Air Force. Our next edition of The Enthusiasts features volunteer Ray Peterson, who has devoted thousands of hours to the museum over nearly 20 years. The museum's displays feature the Minnesota Air National Guard's history, aircraft, and a rare Blackbird spy plane.

General Mills celebrates 75 years of innovation

Seventy-five years ago, Golden Valley-based General Mills formally came into being. Over the next several months, the company is celebrating three quarters of a century on the New York Stock Exchange. General Mills' Minneapolis roots actually date back to just after the Civil War. Over the years, the company has produced enduring brand names like Betty Crocker, Wheaties and Cheerios. And General Mills has produced a lot of things that have nothing to do with food, including toys, golf shoes, and even a small submarine.

Regulators blast Xcel Energy over auditor's finding that outage reporting system is 'corrupt'

State regulators blasted Xcel energy officials over an auditor's preliminary conclusion that the company's outage reporting system is 'corrupt.' The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission also expressed concern that employees of the Minneapolis based utility are reluctant to speak to the auditors, for fear of reprisal. The PUC voted to continue the investigation and required Xcel to encourage employees to come forward.