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Blogging of the President

Program Host
Christopher Lydon
Radio host, producer, and blogger
The Blogging of the President 2004

Program Guests
Jerome Armstrong


Ed Cone
A blogger from North Carolina

Max Fose
Republican Internet strategist

Gary Hart
Senator and blogger
Gary Hart blog

Jeff Jarvis
Writer, editor, columnist, and blogger

Josh Marshall
Writer for the Washington Monthly and blogger
Talking Points Memo

Kevin Phillips
Republican political analyst

Richard Reeves
Political writer and columnist

Frank Rich
Culture columnist for the New York Times

Andrew Sullivan
Former editor of The New Republic; blogger

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The Blogging of the President: 2004
With Host Christopher Lydon
Sunday, January 25, 9-11 p.m. ET, 6-8 p.m. PT

Minnesota Public Radio presents a live national call-in program that opens a conversation about the impact of the Internet's blogging phenomenon on mass media in general and this year's presidential campaigns in particular.

About Blogging

The Web-journaling phenomenon of blogging (Web logging) has generated a new wave of pundits, commentators, and journalists who are influencing audiences outside the confines of traditional media. Some bloggers are becoming international online celebrities whose Web journals are tracked by thousands of avid followers who then comment upon, link to, and forward the content to others in the online community. These looping processes operate against the tide of traditional print and broadcast channels and are changing the face of information exchange.

About the Broadcast

In "The Blogging of the President 2004," host Christopher Lydon — a blogger himself — introduces you to the blogging medium and to individuals and groups who are using it to address the 2004 election. Guests are expected to include popular political bloggers who are establishing new communities around themselves on the Web.

During the program you are invited to call in with their questions and comments or submit them online. You may also post about the topic on a Minnesota Public Radio discussion board during and after the broadcast. Minnesota Public Radio will also stream and archive the program online.


The Blogging of the President 2004 is produced in St. Paul for Minnesota Public Radio by Christopher Lydon and Mary McGrath, the team that inaugurated "The Connection" on public radio in 1994.

MPR broadcast production staff: Steve Nelson, Nancy Lebens, and Jeff Jones. Web production by John Pearson, Matt Thueson and Michael Wells.

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