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The Current's Guitar Collection: Esme Patterson, ESP Ronnie Wood model

Esme Patterson played an in-studio session, and she wielded an ESP Ron Wood model, a guitar modeled after the Telecaster pattern. In addition to talking about her guitar, Patterson also talks about how she approaches songwriting, who some of her guitar-playing influences are, and which effects pedals she really likes. 'I support companies that I really respect and make things in a way that makes sense,' Patterson says.

The Current's founding Program Director Steve Nelson gets ready for his next adventure

In 2005, Steve Nelson was the founding program director of The Current, responsible for getting the station off the ground and for hiring people like Mary Lucia, Bill DeVille and Jill Riley. Now, Nelson is off to a new role at National Public Radio. Before clearing out his desk, Nelson joined Brian Oake (whom he's known since 1992) and Jill Riley (whom he's known since 2005, when he hired her to work at The Current) to reminisce about past radio stations and about the early days at The Current.