Julie Siple

Julie Siple is the producer for MPR News with Tom Weber. She has reported on hunger and related issues for MPR News.

She has produced MPR News' Midday and Morning Edition and was a founding producer of In The Loop.

She also reported from Germany on fellowships from the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Arthur F. Burns Foundation. In Berlin, she covered immigrants, mosques and music for Deutsche Welle, Die Tageszeitung, and The World. Before joining MPR, Julie wrote for a Chicago education magazine, counseled juvenile offenders and analyzed religious healing rituals on three continents, thanks to a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

She studied Arabic in Morocco, Malayalam in India and Swahili in Tanzania. She remembers hardly a word and blames the anti-malarial meds.

Stories by Julie Siple

Wilder Foundation revives Chautauqua to educate about homelessness

<p>The St. Paul-based Wilder Foundation will try something new &#8211;and very old&#8211; Wednesday night. In order to increase understanding of homelessness, the nonprofit organization known for its human services research will hold a Chautauqua-style event. &#8220;Chautauqua is actually kind of a throwback to when we didn&#8217;t have all the different tools we have today,&#8221; said <a class="more-link" href="http://blogs.mprnews.org/cities/2013/10/wilder-uses-an-old-style-entertainment-to-demystify-homelessness/"><span>Read more</span> &rarr;</a></p>